Popular GOP Congressman Announces Sudden Resignation & The Party Is Spiraling Down


Donald Trump may rant and rail about how unfair the investigation into his 2016 presidential campaign’s alleged collusion with Russian government operatives is to him, but he rarely acknowledges how unfair his endless controversial tweets, divisive rhetoric, and incompetence have been to the rest of his party.

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It’s not a common occurrence to see a Congressman resign after only one term of office, but that’s exactly what Rep. Ryan Costello (D-PA) intends to do. Frustrated by the inability to discuss actual policies that he cares deeply about thanks to Trump’s scandals, Costello told CNN he was calling it quits and not running for reelection in 2018.

‘No matter what I say or do, I feel all I do is answer questions about Donald Trump rather than health insurance or tax policy. I think it’s a very challenging political environment, and when you add on top of that just the demands from a work-family balance, I just felt it was best for me to take stock in my life and have eight months to decide what I’m going to do next rather than, potentially, six weeks.’


Costello was elected to the Pennsylvania seat in a district that includes Philadelphia in 2014 and takes a more moderate stance than his hard right-leaning party members in Congress. Costello advocates for common sense gun law reform and for keeping the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while working to improve it. None of this goes over well with his more far-right colleagues. He’s been known as a Congressman willing to go against his party when he feels it’s right to do so for his district.

He also cited division in the party and Congressional redistricting as reasons for his departure.

None of that really matter in today’s political climate, though. Costello is unable to use the media platform he has available because all anyone wants to ask is questions about Donald Trump.

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