Trump Snaps & Makes Friday Samantha Bee Punishment Announcement Like A Maniac


On Friday morning, Trump continued his ongoing rants about Robert Mueller, the entire Russia probe, Democrats, Samantha Bee, Roseanne Barr, and then set up a big announcement that will more than likely lead to more tweets later in the day with conflated job numbers and inaccurate statements about how Trump is growing the best jobs ever in American history.

It’s worth noting that, for once, Trump actually quoted a credible news source like the Associated Press. It’s interesting, however, how Trump mentions a “double standard” in his second tweet considering his complaints about the cost of the Russia investigation.

The combined cost of the Clinton email server and Benghazi investigation cost more than $30 million¬†only to turn up no evidence that anyone committed any criminal wrongdoing. Trump not only found the investigations appropriate, he used them against Clinton relentlessly during the 2016 presidential campaigns. Trump also leaves out that his campaign’s alleged collusion is not the entire focus of Mueller’s investigation. He is also in charge of probing Russia’s attack on American democracy.

His second tweet about “double standards” is also ironic considering Trump’s insults against women. He has referred to Sally Yates, a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter named Jennifer Lin who wrote a negative piece on Trump during his run for the presidency, and one of the women who accused him of sexual assault, Jessica Leeds. He also had no problem letting people into his rally wearing t-shirts referring to Clinton by the same word he’s ranting about and much, much more.

He also invited former washed-up musician-turned-blithering-idiot Ted Nugent to the White House. Nugent has not only used the exact same word to describe Clinton, he made death threats against both her and President Obama.

Double standard, indeed.

His rants about Samantha Bee are a distraction from the real issue: Roseanne Barr used a racial slur that has been used to dehumanize an already marginalized group of people for centuries. Bee’s comment was vulgar, it was maybe even inappropriate, but it was not racist. There is no double standard here.

Twitter also blasted Trump for his ridiculous morning tweets. See some of their comments below.

Featured image via Getty/Jim Watson