Empire State Building Takes Stand Against NRA With Light-Up Tribute To Shooting Victims


Donald Trump has always been absolutely obsessed with the New York City skyline. To most, the silhouette of Manhattan represents the possibility of achieving the American dream and finding success in the Big Apple (…if you can make it there you can make it anywhere!), Trump sees it as something to be conquered.

When September 11, 2001 scarred the NYC skyline, the emptiness was keenly felt by New Yorkers. Trump, however emerged victorious, bragging that now his tower would rise above the remaining skyline:

So, one can’t help but applaud the genius of gun control advocates using the skyline Trump lusts for to chastise his lack of addressing the nation’s gun violence crisis:

Of course, Trump has come under fire for his incredibly inept handling of mass shootings since he took office. Trump is not responsible for the shootings purely by virtue of being the current president. That would be a ridiculous assertion. But the galling thing is his reaction to these events, especially when compared to Obama’s heartfelt responses in the wake of shootings during his term.

It’s not solely his inability to exhibit empathy that makes Trump’s responses problematic. He also, despite an initial display of resistance to the NRA, quickly bowed to pressure and failed to pursue any legislative action to protect victims of gun violence.

He’s only offered half-hearted excuses of this failure:

School shootings are the most visible and shocking demonstrations of America’s disease of gun violence, but guns take the lives of teens in spades. These unassuming tragedies can be shuffled to the side, but collectively paint a picture of violence enabled by guns gone amok:

Featured image: Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty