Iowa Just Lost $560,000,000 Because Of Trump’s Tariffs – New Great Depression Looms


Some pundits have pointed out the oddity of Donald Trump’s continuing to hold huge campaign rallies despite having already taken office. Yes, in the modern political climate, elected officials are constantly working to be re-elected. But what Trump has been doing is absolutely out-of-the-norm.

Instead of sticking to an issue and going on tour to build public support for his policies, Trump’s public events are strikingly centered around something else: stroking his ego.

How do we know this? It’s simple. Evaluate Trump’s statements during MAGA rallies with the actual effects of policies that he enacts.

Trump’s feel good rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump paid lip service to the state’s farmers, saying:

‘I want to make sure the next generation of Americans has that opportunity [to live on a farm] as well. And, in particular, that includes your children and your grandchildren, and [we are] working very hard to get rid of the death tax so that those farms can be passed on.’

(It’s important to mention that the estate tax does not effect 99% of farms in the U.S.)

Despite this pandering, Trump’s actual actions have absolutely hammered farmers in Iowa. The state’s own Des Moines Register, details the damage done by Trump’s ill-conceived threats of trade wars with our former trade partners.

China, in retaliation for Trump’s ludicrous steel tariff, slapped pork with a 25% hike in export costs. And now because of Trump’s big mouthed threats against former partners, Mexico is also joining the fray and levying higher tariffs on pork imports:

‘The tariffs are “potentially devastating news for Iowa’s pig farmers and the rural Iowa economy,” said Gregg Hora, president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association.’

The total cost to the farmers? $560 million.

It’s not as if this was an unanticipated consequence of Trump’s hubris. Just look at the date on this tweet:

This is Trump’s legacy:

Featured image: Scott Olson/Getty