Trump Throws Epic Twitter-Tantrum After WSJ Reveals He Sucks At Finance (IMAGES)


Donald Trump thinks he knows everything about everything. In reality he knows just enough about a few things to be very dangerous to this country. Take for instance the trade war he’s starting between us and our closest allies. Canada, Mexico and the European Union are furious about Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Heck one president in the E.U., France’s Emmanuel Macron, even said that “economic nationalism leads to war”.

It seems that everyone knows that Trump’s tariffs are a horrible idea that will lead to nothing but trouble for us…everyone except that idiot Trump that is. Since he can’t find anyone who thinks the tariffs are a good idea, he decided to take to his usual foreign policy platform–Twitter–and make some complaints.

It seems like Trump thinks that American business owners are getting screwed over left and right because of unfair tariffs from other countries. I guess he doesn’t realize that Americas business owners are making record high profits and have tons of cash on hand, especially now that he’s given them a humongous tax cut.

Trump thinks that his new tariffs are going to pull in billions of dollars. Instead his new tariffs are going to put people out of work, and cause the rest of us to pay much higher prices for the things we buy. Trade wars never work out well for anyone. Maybe his new trade war will finally make his nonsensical supporters realize that Trump’s not looking out for them.

On a different note, Trump must have friends on the board at The Wall Street Journal. Did anyone notice that he didn’t give them a childish nickname like “the failing New York Times”? No, he called them well meaning. It’s apparent that he doesn’t want to piss them off. Maybe someone over there knows more about Trump than he’s comfortable with, and they’ll start telling secrets if he starts acting like a petulant child with them.

Featured Image via Getty Images