David Hogg Humiliates Marco Rubio In Front For The Entire World & It Was Fantastic


After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, several of the survivors began very active lives, trying to make sure that school shootings never happen again. For instance, David Hogg has been brilliant in his fight for gun reform and routinely calls out Florida Senator Marco Rubio every chance he gets. Hogg researched and found out that Rubio has taken in $3.3 million from the NRA. He took that amount and divided it by the number of students in Florida schools and determined that each student is worth $1.05 to Rubio. At his graduation ceremony today Hogg wore the $1.05 price tag as his tassel and publicly sent a heartfelt thank you message to Rubio on Twitter.

Rubio has used the $3.3 million to attempt to support any and all efforts to curtail common sense gun laws from being put in place, and Hogg will never let him forget it. So far this year alone the country has lost 1300 children below the age of 17 and it’s time for something to change. It’s time to dump politicians who value blood money from the NRA over the lives of the children in their respective states.

The Parkland survivors are doing their part to effect change in this country. Their raised voices at marches, on social media, and on television are starting to scare a lot of politicians. They’ve scared them so bad that there’s already been some common sense guns laws passed in Florida, apparently against the wishes of Rubio. Hogg is right to call out Rubio every chance he gets. His graduating class was missing 4 students who had been murdered because Rubio cares more about the NRA’s blood money than the lives of Florida’s students.

Featured Image via Getty Images