Courts Rule On Maine Gov.’s Plan To Ignore Trump’s Obamacare Repeal – Donald Wigs Out


Since taking office, it has been Donald Trump’s clear and apparent goal to dismantle any progress made by the previous administration, as seen by a variety of policy proposals that have been made. Whether in regards to immigration reform, international policy, or economic changes, it is clear that the Trump administration is looking to revert the United States back to a previous set of legislations that led the country into dismay in the first place. Among one of the top priorities, as was set out in his first months in office, was that of rolling back any progress made on healthcare reform, most specifically the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare. However, given the extent to which this decision is in the hands of voters in their respective states, especially in regards to Medicaid expansion, it is clear that voters are fighting back to ensure that they receive the care that they need.

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One of the states that has been pushing for the expansion of Medicaid coverage is the state of Maine, which has had voters approving the rollout of the program in order to cover more of the individuals that so desperately need it, but are unable to afford it on other insurance plans. Despite blocking the ratification by voters last year, Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage was recently overruled by state courts, claiming that the state must begin moving forward with the expansion to Medicaid.

According to a report by POLITICO:

‘Gov. Paul LePage’s administration must file paperwork by next week to the federal government to adopt Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Maine, a state Superior Court judge said Monday in a decision rebuking the defiant Republican governor.

Obamacare supporters in April sued the LePage administration to force it to comply with the results of a November ballot initiative ordering the state to expand coverage to tens of thousands of low-income adults under the 2010 health care law. But LePage has insisted he won’t adopt Medicaid expansion unless state lawmakers meet his conditions for funding the program.’

The judge presiding over the case, and who made the decision to enforce LePage’s administration move forward with the expansion, Michaela Murphy, claimed that the Maine governor must provide a plan and framework for rolling out the program by June 11, and in it to detail how the expansion will be conducted. LePage had fought back against the November initiative by stating he would not move forward with the expansion unless there was a way to roll it out without raising taxes, which has since been nullified with the recent ruling.

The lawsuits against LePage’s administration initially came upon their missing of the April 3 deadline that would require the plan to be sent to the federal government for review. With the expansion approved, and Medicaid benefits to be provided more expansively, estimations provide that about 80,000 adults currently living under the live of poverty will finally be able to attain the much needed health coverage that they previously lacked.

It is clear that despite their greatest attempts to remove healthcare coverage for low-income adults, that there is significant pushback from voters on both sides of the aisle, to ensure that those who need access to health care, are able to attain it easily.

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