Trump Issues Twitter Messages Marking 500 Days In Office & Gets Bashed Hilariously


President Donald Trump has now been in office as the leader of the United States for 500 days. To say that a lot has happened in that 500 days would be an understatement; through it all, the U.S. has barely even been able to maintain a stable picture to present to the world thanks to the (metaphorical) revolving door at the front of the White House. The president hasn’t even been in office for two years and he’s already replaced his Secretary of State along with a whole host of other officials.

Underneath all of that “palace intrigue,” a whole host of interests have found themselves in the sights of the Trump administration. Two of the groups most prominently attacked by the Trump administration are no doubt Muslims and immigrants; more recently, he has turned his attention to our allies on the world stage like Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

He’s moving towards the enactment in real life of the mental bubble some of his supporters live in where they have apparent little regard for anyone outside their own social circles. He’s making a place where they can be on top — not because the white nationalism some of his supporters peddle has any natural legitimacy to it whatsoever, but rather, because he’s pushing everyone else out.

Through all of these developments, the president is maintaining that everything is getting along just fine. Monday, he tweeted a link to a statement from his administration about the progress that’s been made in his first 500 days in office. Unsurprisingly, that statement is full of vague language and glosses over some of the actual issues that have arisen thanks to his policy moves.

One good example of the issues with the statement comes towards its beginning.

It reads:

‘President Trump has re-asserted American leadership on the world stage, secured vital investments in our military, and stood up against threats to our national security.’

Trump’s idea of re-asserting American leadership consists of him picking fights left and right. Further down on the webpage laying out the supposed successes of Trump’s leadership, the first supporting point for the claim that he has re-established America’s pre-eminent position is the fact that he moved the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

That move has been used by terror groups in the area as a pretext to try and drag the region into more war — and it has served as a slap in the face to the common people among the Palestinians, many of whom have been shot dead by Israeli soldiers while protesting.

Is that really “re-asserting American leadership”? Is there nothing else that anyone on his staff could come up with to use as the first bullet point?

The issues go on from there. The statement ignores the threats to American industry posed by the trade wars Trump seems intent on sparking, and it ignores the ramifications of other actions too, like the president’s recent withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

All of this is part of an established and continuing pattern of the president preferring to follow after his own personal agenda no matter the consequences.

Monday afternoon, the president added a message claiming the media to be hellbent on distracting the United States from the positive things his administration has done — but nope, there’s just a lot of negative ground to cover.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images