Lone Protester Stands Up To Trump, Kneels During Celebrate America Event (IMAGE)


It goes without saying that President Donald Trump loves to paint biased, fabricated pictures of his own divisive narrative. If he was able to get away with the lies and deceit as a businessman in the private sphere, the president has started to learn that these same tactics hold no weight on the public stage. From spreading false information about the state of immigration in the country, to taking shots at some of the nation’s most beloved and respected professional athletes, President Trump seems content on living in the fable-filled bubble of his own imagination.

Nevertheless, despite his greatest attempts at pushing these same narratives on the general public, many are not only becoming smart to his tired tactics, but have started to find ways to employ opposing activism directly to his face.

On Tuesday, the White House and President Trump hosted the “Celebration of America” event, which was haphazardly strewn together to replace what was originally supposed to be a visit by the 2018 Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles team. However, Trump made a sudden and abrupt decision Monday night to revoke the Eagles’s invitation to the White House, given the growing feuds surrounding the national anthem protests by many NFL players around the league. The widespread “kneeling” protests which have taken place during the national anthem at many NFL games this past season, has become a focal point of conflict for the president, as Trump has lobbed insults at players while promoting a false narrative of what their advocacy truly stands for.

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Yet, despite his greatest attempts to use Tuesday’s event to discredit and delegitimize the civil rights concerns portrayed by the national anthem protests, it soon became clear that the movement would not be silenced by Trump’s charade. According to a CNBC article:

‘At least two people knelt on the White House lawn during the playing of the national anthem at a celebration Tuesday arranged by President Donald Trump, echoing protests by NFL players this past football season.

Trump, who had scheduled that event after disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House because of an ongoing controversy over the Anthem, also was heckled by one of the people in the crowd who had kneeled.’

Pictures posted on Twitter of the 10-minute long event clearly shows at least one man kneeling during the recital of the national anthem, making it impossible for Tuesday’s political stunt to go off as the president intended it.

Although Trump attempted to make it seem as if uninviting the Eagles was due to his patriotic concerns for the national anthem, reports began emerging that fewer than 10 players on the Eagles team had any intention of partaking in the tradition of visiting the White House.

Whereas the president’s conflicts with NFL players has been among his more public and aggressive disputes with professional athletes, it is not the only one. Towards the end of 2017, Trump also uninvited the 2018 NBA championship team Golden State Warriors from the White House visit, posting on Twitter that the team was not welcome, and specifically targeting the team’s star player Stephen Curry for his criticism against the administration.

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