Putin Tells Major Trump Secret To Australian Press That No One Saw Coming (VIDEO)


In Trump’s shifting narrative about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, only one thing is clear: there is definitely something to hide. In addition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign team and Russian government operatives, as well as Trump’s alleged attempts to cover it up by obstructing justice, there is also an investigation of Russian election interference. Putin may have just signed Trump’s indictment warrant with an appearance on Australian television.

Trump continues to deny that he had any relationship with Vladimir Putin prior to his presidency, except when he didn’t deny it and said that he definitely did have a relationship with the Russian president.

Putin sat for an interview with an Australian news outlet and said that he and Trump had met

‘Donald Trump and I have met at various international venues, and secondly, we regularly talk over the phone.’

Whether Putin is lying about those meetings or Donald Trump is, it would not be the first suspicious meeting between the two, whose relationship is tied to Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.

Officially, Trump and Putin have met only at the G20 Summit. A conversation between the two took place publicly, but another took place that remained undisclosed for some time. That second meeting included no American translator, no American press, and no American Trump administration member, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

In what seems like too wild a story to be just a coincidence, Trump blasted the media’s coverage of that meeting as “fake news” and said the two only met for 15 minutes on July 7 to exchange pleasantries and talk about adoption. On July 8, Donald Trump, Jr. was exposed for his meeting with Russian government operatives at Trump Tower and tweeted that the meeting was only about adoption.

Two details that were originally falsified are now very publicly known. Trump, Jr. lied about the subject of that meeting and his father dictated the false statement his son would give to the press. Trump, Sr. dictated that statement aboard Air Force One on his way back to the states from the G20 Summit.

Junior’s original statement matched his father’s.

‘It was a short introductory meeting. I asked Jared (Kushner) and Paul (Manafort) to stop by. We primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children that was active and popular with American families years ago and was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time and there was no follow up. I was asked to attend the meeting by an acquaintance, but was not told the name of the person I would be meeting with beforehand.’

The subject of “adoption” is interjected repeatedly into this narrative thanks to U.S. sanctions against Russia called the Magnitsky Act, which was levied against the hostile foreign country after the Kremlin jailed an lawyer who uncovered “a dense web of tax fraud and graft involving 23 companies and a total of $230 million linked to the Kremlin and individuals close to the government” and allowed him to die of pancreatitis without medical care. President Obama signed the sanction and Putin retaliated by blocking Russian adoptions by the United States.

Junior’s story was later revealed to be a lie when his email chain with the Russian government operatives was released to the press and showed that the meeting was planned to discuss one subject: dirt that the Russian government said they had on Hillary Clinton, which may be a result of their involvement with Wikileaks. After having read the email requesting a meeting with Trump, Jr. about that alleged “dirt,” Junior responded.
‘If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.’
This isn’t to say that “adoption” was not discussed during that meeting. If in fact an agreement was reached between Junior, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and the Russian visitors that Trump, once elected, would repeal the Magnitsky Act in exchange for dirt during the campaign on Hillary Clinton, a crime was committed.

That crime would be collusion. The only way we’ll ever know whether or not that crime was committed is if Mueller is left alone to complete his investigation.
Featured image via Getty/Andalou Agency