Trump’s Ambassador To Germany Crosses The Line; Germans Call For Immediate Expulsion


There have been quite a few things that have become crystal clear about President Donald Trump in the last year and a half. The list could go rambling on and on providing examples of his ineptitude in public policy, lack of diplomatic demeanor, childish social media tendencies, and others, but suffice it to say, for those who ever wondered if a private sphere businessman could make the shift to public presidential office, the answer could not be more apparent. However, aside from the controversies and challenges that the Trump administration is causing within the United States itself, his inability to conduct the office he finds himself in stems far beyond domestic policy problems, reaching into the delicate yet crucial impacts he has had on global relations.

Given the volatility of international issues, including the carefully crafted web of alliances and partnerships, the ability to remain calm in the face of adversarial aggression, and promote a message of safety and security for the world community, Donald Trump has shown that neither he nor his people are capable of maintaining this intricate balance. Rather, perhaps even since his first day in office, it has become evident that President Trump either has little concern about the consequences of such reckless international behavior, or he simply fails to understand the ramifications at hand.

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Among the most recent example of foreign policy blunder by the Trump administration, can be seen in the actions and behavior of US envoy to Berlin, headed by Ambassador Richard Grenell. Grenell, who has been in the position for less than a month, has already depicted unorthodox behaviors critical of an ambassador in a foreign country, drawing backlash from European officials. However, his most recent overstepping has pushed him into even deeper waters, causing many to call for his removal from the post.

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According to a report by The Guardian:

‘German politicians have called for Donald Trump’s envoy in Berlin to be expelled from the country after he said in an interview that he wanted to “empower” conservative forces throughout Europe.’

European lawmakers were up in arms at the statement made by the ambassador, claiming that a foreign official has no place or authority to influence any matter of their domestic politics abroad. The ill-advised statement by Grenell follows a string of other non-ambassador behaviors, all of which have drawn criticisms from European allies. The same aforementioned Guardian article also noted that:

‘On Monday, the former Fox News contributor further strayed beyond his ambassadorial remit by requesting a short meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu at Berlin’s airport following the Israeli prime minister’s meeting with Angela Merkel.

On 13 June, Grenell will host the Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, for lunch at his residence in Berlin’s Dahlem district, another unusual move given that Austria’s own US ambassador, the tech entrepreneur Trevor Traina, was installed in Vienna only last month.’

With Grenell less than a month into his post, and already having made massive waves abroad, it is clear that it is not only President Trump’s international behaviors that heed concern, but also the demeanor of the evidently poorly-trained and ill-equipped individuals that he has appointed.

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