White House Hit With Another Sudden Resignation As Trump Continues To Spiral


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s time in his position has already been fraught with controversy. Ironically, Pruitt has been doing anything but protecting the environment. Instead, Pruitt is responsible for rolling back environmental regulations to make conditions favorable for corporations thus further contributing to climate change.

According to CNN:

‘Scott Pruitt’s tenure as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency has been marked by stories scrutinizing his first-class travel on the taxpayer dime, his lease agreement in Washington and his use of a full-time security detail.’

This week, it was announced that a top aide resigned from the EPA after she was asked to obtain a used mattress from the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. Millan Hupp, Pruitt’s 26 year-old director of scheduling said she was “tired of being thrown under the bus by Pruitt.”

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Pruitt said:

‘I’ve had the opportunity to know Millan for the last several years as a colleague, friend and trusted partner. She has done outstanding work in all of her endeavors here and will be sorely missed. I wish her all the best.’

In March, Hupp was one of only two aides to receive large salary increases by Pruitt after the White House had denied requests for pay raises. According to The Washington Examiner:

‘The Washington Post reported Monday that Hupp testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that she regularly did personal tasks for Pruitt, from looking for housing to calling the Trump Hotel about acquiring a used mattress.’

The White House is looking into the mattress matter while EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox would not comment on the resignation. Wilcox called The Atlantic staff writer Elaina Plott, who broke the story, a “piece of trash.

Democrats have tried to attach riders to EPA’s fiscal 2019 appropriations bill. The Examiner reported:

‘One rider sought to mandate the administrator’s travel be disclosed 10 days beforehand. Another rider sought more funding for the EPA inspector general to probe Pruitt’s actions. Both riders failed to be included, along strict party-line votes.’

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