Michael Avenatti Tweets Furious Message About Giuliani’s Comments On Stormy Daniels


If there is anyone in the world who should back away from lecturing feminists on anything, it’s Donald Trump. However, he sent out his new paid mouthpiece, former New York City Mayor and failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani to do just that.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti rightfully took exception to those comments and called for Trump’s witless, pretend legal representative to be fired. Appearing in legal and consensual sex videos does not mean a woman cannot be believed, especially considering she has the legal paperwork to prove that she was paid not to talk about an affair that Trump says never happened (because he believes that somehow should make sense).

For two days, Giuliani has made public appearances to speak on the Stormy Daniels controversy and insist that a porn star who isn’t as “beautiful” as Trump’s three wives has no credibility.

Image via Twitter by @RIPCovfefe

Perhaps Giuliani forgot that Trump married a woman who posed for pornographic photos, a woman who is now the first lady and that conservatives and other evangelicals accept and admire, and that Trump himself appeared in a softcore porn video titled Playboy Video Centerfold 2000. 

Image via Twitter by @PlatypusApoc

Somehow, the former mayor believes that men who cheat on their wives, cheat workers out of their promised pay, scams students into paying for an education under false pretenses, sexually harasses and assaults more than 19 women who have come forward, and lies to the American people on a daily basis is credible while a woman who has never hidden what she does for a living and who has consensual sex with willing partners should be considered a liar.

Even more outrageous is the idea that only women Giuliani thinks are beautiful have value and credibility. For either Rudy Giuliani or Donald Trump to criticize any woman for her looks is laughable, at best, and disgusting, at worst. To utter that inflammatory rhetoric and then pretend to have any right to criticize feminists for their support of Daniels as an adult capable of making her own career decisions is downright hypocritical.

Avenatti’s Twitter followers were also rightfully outraged. See some of their comments below: