Trump Goes Full Stupid In Bizarre Tweet/Meltdown That Has James Comey Laughing


Donald Trump uses his Twitter account like his own personal diary. The president’s daily opinions are broadcast for the entire world to see, and from them, certain things are very clear. Not only is the president illiterate, constantly misspelling the same words, but he is also a pathological liar.

He literally has all the facts laid out in front of him, but chooses to get his information from Fox News. Trump’s twitter rants typically take place after Trump’s “tv time,” which takes up countless hours per day.

One name that shows up in Trump’s Twitter feed quite regularly is former FBI Director James Comey. Jim was fired by President Trump last year after he made statements the president wasn’t very happy about. Since then, Trump has done everything in his power to smear Director Comey, whether it be in interviews or on social media.

Thursday morning has seen quite a bit of activity coming from Trump, but no two tweets are the same, or even in the same ballpark. Check out this morning’s Comey rant and see for yourself just how weird our president is:

The reactions to his tweet were about what you’d expect for a load like this. We screen-capped the best ones for you below: