Trump Quotes Rocker Alanis Morissette During Weird AM Rant Like A Drug Addict


Even innocent men hate being accused of a crime and investigated by police, but only guilty men devise ways to discredit anyone who knows the truth about their crimes. Donald Trump will not let go of his endless attacks on the FBI, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, or anyone else who could help bring him for only one reason: he knows he’s not an innocent man.

Trump continued with his “13 Angry Democrats” rant, despite the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a Republican who was appointed head of the FBI under a Republican president, George W. Bush and there are not 13 Democrats, angry or otherwise, on Mueller’s team. He never once complained that the investigation into Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as Obama’s secretary of state was unfair because the committees who investigated those fake scandals were Republican-led.

Trump’s need to convince his supporters that the entire investigation is just unfair, a “Witch Hunt,” are more an attempt to sway them ahead of time because he knows what is coming. Several of his campaign associates, ¬†even his campaign manager, have already been indicted and some have pled guilty. Trump brushes that off by insisting everyone was an “unpaid volunteer” or not with his campaign for long or he really didn’t know them that well. His son and son-in-law, however, cannot be dismissed that easily, and both are caught up in the investigation, as well.

This is not over and will more than likely get worse as the investigation goes on. As Trump gets more and more panicked, his attempts to obstruct justice and muddy the waters in his conspiracy theory-loving voters will get worse. His firings and attacks on anyone who knows the truth or simply will not “protect” and defend him will become more hysterical. No matter what he does or how he tries to stop it, this investigation will go on, under Mueller or someone else. Trump will be exposed and the truth will come out.

Twitter wasn’t buying into Trump’s morning rant, either. See some of their responses below.

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