Trump’s Justice Department Seized Reporter’s Personal Information Like The Gestapo


Donald Trump just loves to rail on about the “deep state” and how they’re out to get him. However if there really were a “deep state” we never would have been saddled in the first place, because he wouldn’t have been allowed to steal the election. As much as Trump carries on about conspiracies against him, one would think that he would avoid having anything to do with spying on fellow citizens. But that’s exactly what he did when he instructed the Justice Department to seize the private phone and email records of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins.

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Trump blowing a load of hot air. (Photo by Yuri Gripas-Pool/Getty Images)

The seized records came from the time she worked as a journalist at BuzzFeed News and Politico but before she joined the NY Times in 2017. Watkins found out in February that the Justice Department had seized years of her records from Google and Verizon, and that they pertained to two of her email accounts and her phone number.

Watkins’ attorney told the NY Times that

‘“it’s always disconcerting when a journalist’s telephone records are obtained by the Justice Department — through a grand jury subpoena or other legal process. Whether it was really necessary here will depend on the nature of the investigation and the scope of any charges. ‘

The Justice Department was looking into Watkins’ because of her relationship with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s former director of security James A. Wolfe and whether the two had released unauthorized information.

What this boils down to is Trump is furious because people keep telling the truth about what’s going on in his administration. Every time there’s a leak it makes him look very inept…and he really is. His entire time in office has been one fiasco after another and he wants to insure that he can gain some semblance of control, and he’ll use the Justice Department as a weapon to get it done. Freedom of the press is one of our nation’s bedrock rights, and it looks like Trump isn’t afraid to use the Justice Department to take that right away.

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