Kellyanne Conway Flubbed Trump’s Name On CNN & The Result Is Pure Comedy (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway is constantly making a fool of herself on national television, saying things that are either untrue or completely made up. She spins any conversation in favor of the president, regardless of the arguments presented, and she’s become rather good at her job of deterring people from what’s really going on, and convincing people that alternative facts exist.

Conway is pretty used to looking like an idiot, as is easily seen in her demeanor, which includes creepy, shifty eyes. However, what she faced Wednesday afternoon while appearing on CNN will haunt her for the rest of her life.

The hillbilly actually called the president of the United States the “commander in cheese.”

The awesome part is that she wasn’t even trying to be funny. She quickly corrected herself and the apparently slow network anchor didn’t seem to catch it, but it’s there, in all its glory.

Check out the video below, tweeted by White House Press veteran Tommy Christopher:

The responses to this epic blunder were relentless. We saved the best reactions for you here: