Stormy Daniels Reveals New Product Line That Makes Trump’s W.H. Very Uncomfortable


The story of President Donald Trump’s relationship with adult film star Stormy Daniels hardly needs an introduction at this point. Some years ago — right after Melania Trump had given birth to their son Barron — the man who is now president engaged in an affair with Daniels. Fast forwarding to 2016 leaves you at the point when Trump lawyer Michael Cohen dished out a large hush money payment to Daniels meant to cover the affair; he didn’t do a very good job with the whole thing because here we are, talking about it. It’s hardly as though his efforts had a foundation of legitimacy to rest on in the first place.

The latest installment of the ongoing back and forth between Daniels and the Trump team comes in the form of a new gender neutral fragrance being hitched onto Daniels’ name and public persona. The exact date it will actually be available isn’t apparently clear yet, but the fragrance is simply termed “Truth” and is being marketed by It’s The Bomb, an adult-centered product company.

In an ad for the fragrance which will be available “soon,” Daniels comments:

‘Truth can be thought of as just a temporary belief of knowing something in a moment of time until it advances and then changes.’

What exact tie-in the fragrance is meant to have to Daniels’ ongoing legal struggles with Donald Trump and his team is not being touted. Central to the entire case though is, of course, the question of what’s true or what’s not, so parodying that idea and turning into something less formal might as well be considered as the motivation at play here.

Daniels herself broadcast the fragrance with an Instagram post captioned simply:

‘It’s finally here.’

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The fragrance coming out coincides with Daniels’ legal case to stick up for “her truth” continues to remain very much alive, keeping the adult film star and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti in the spotlight for reasons other than the fragrance she’s now touting.

Recently, she filed a suit alleging that her former lawyer, Keith Davidson, has broken the rules of attorney-client privilege by working with Michael Cohen to try and keep Daniels silent earlier this year.

On a broader level, she has been aiming to be formally freed from the nondisclosure agreement associated with the aforementioned hush money that Michael Cohen delivered to her in late 2016. Part of the original argument for that agreement’s lack of validity was that the president himself had never signed it.

Trump, for his part, has certainly proven averse to the “truth,” having lied a documented thousands of times since taking office. He stayed out of the scandal involving his affair with Stormy Daniels for awhile, and then when he finally did weigh in, he lied about that too, claiming to have had no knowledge of the hush money arrangement despite the fact that he reimbursed Cohen. Trump lawyer and supporter Rudy Giuliani later revealed as much during an appearance on Fox.

It’s not as though Trump has shown a particular interest in switching sides and supporting the truth anytime soon.

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