Trump Goes Into Freakout Mode On Twitter Just Before G7 Summit & It’s Scary Stupid


It’s hard to know what’s true about Donald Trump thanks to his endless lies, but it’s definitely true that he cannot handle any criticism of himself. When called out for his misleading statements and blatant lies, his terrible policy ideas, or his inept administration, Trump flies into absolute rages.

While President Obama did work on the North Korea problem and offered to meet with Kim Jong un, Republicans and their Fox News cronies went into absolute rages over his attempts. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, are lawmakers in Congress and do not negotiate with foreign leaders.

His trade tariffs should be considered a related matter. Alienating our allies at a time of precarious foreign relations is possibly one of the most idiotic things Trump has ever done. As we balance on the precipice of conflict with Iran and risk even more conflict with North Korea thanks to Trump’s bombastic nature and fondness for threats and insults, we need our allies today more than ever.

It’s also impossible to believe anything Trump says about Canada, France, or Mexico. He has already bragged publicly that he lies to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he made false statements about a trade deficit when, in fact, we have had a trade surplus with Canada for many years. People in his administration have tried to explain this to him, but he refuses to listen.

His tariffs on Mexico seem more petty than anything else. His campaign rhetoric about building a wall and making “Mexico pay for it” was met with derision from the Mexican government and they have humiliated Trump repeatedly by saying that indeed, no, they would not be paying for any wall. Now, despite the fact that farmers and other industries are trying to tell Trump that tariffs on Mexico’s products would lead to tariffs by Mexico on American products, which would hurt and even devastate their businesses, Trump refuses to listen to them, either.

Twitter had their own thoughts on Trump’s morning rant. See some of their responses below.

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