Angela Merkel Just Posted A Photo Of Her & Trump To IG & People Are Losing Their Minds


German leader Angela Merkel just taunted Trump on her personal Instagram page, tempting Donald to start threatening allies again, just to put the little lady in her place. Merkel has long been an opponent of President Trump, calling him out on injustices, and creating photo opportunities that will go down in infamy.

Merkel’s face any time she is forced to be in Trump’s vicinity is beyond hilarious and her complete inability to hide her distain for the American president is a realization of just how other nations view the U.S. right now. Like when you open the vegetable bin to discover the now liquid produce that you completely forgot purchasing. That face.

After sitting through Trump’s ridiculous speech, fully loaded with features including, but not limited to: threats to U.S. allies, an Obama attack, and a fake news rant, Merkel shared the following photo from this morning:

The clearly aggressive nature of her stance exudes dominance, which is exactly what the alpha female is trying to do. Trump sits back, crossing his arms, unwittingly submitting to the German Chancellor who obviously intimidates the hell out of him.

The responses to Merkel’s IG post were hilarious. Check out some of them below:

Trump’s ridiculous remarks can be seen below, in video of today’s press conference: