Fox Anchor Announces He Has Weeks To Live – John McCain’s Response Is Heartbreaking


Despite our political differences, offering support and extending a hand during difficult times is what makes us human. Charles Krauthammer was the embodiment of a man that liberals have trouble listening to and the division makes us weaker and less able to find compromise and common ground. While the Fox News commentator was not beloved by the left for his fews, many are expressing their support for the man after he announced that he has been battling a particularly aggressive form of cancer and has only weeks left to live.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders have expressed their sympathy, but there was perhaps none who could speak with more empathy than Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who is also fighting cancer. In many ways, the two men have shared common ground in their ability to express conservative views while standing their more principled grounds, something that is sorely lacking on Fox.

Vice President Mike Pence also spoke out in support of Krauthammer despite the disagreements the Fox News pundit has expressed publicly about his disagreements with Trump.

Pence’s followers, by far some of the more conservative voices on Twitter, appreciated Pence’s sentiments and expressed their own pain and grief at the news.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) praised Krauthammer for his strength and intelligence as one of the more rational voices among Republican supporters.

Even Graham’s more liberal commenters said how much they appreciated Krauthammer’s refusal to toe the party line and to speak without hypocrisy about politics in the age of Trump.

Democratic lawmakers were also supportive of the man who disagreed with them on many political views, admiring him for his candor and intelligence.

Swalwell’s followers agreed and sent their messages of support, as well.

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