John McCain Just Released A Message To Our Allies That Has Trump In Morning Freakout


Ever since John McCain decided that he’ll be leaving congress, he’s stood up to Donald Trump in a big way a couple of times. The first time was when he boldly fought Trump as he tried to take health insurance away from millions of Americans. Most can remember McCain’s thumbs down sign as he made his vote. Well today he again stood tall and gave a big F.U. to Trump with an amazing tweet.

Now that’s how it’s done! While Trump is doing his best to ruin America’s stance in the world, McCain steps up and fights back. McCain was responding to Trump’s ridiculously childish tweets today after he left the G-7 summit. Although after Trump went up there and blasted our reputation, the summit should probably be renamed the G-6, considering the rest of the world wants nothing to do with us anymore.

Because of Trump’s totally ignorant views on trade and globalization, he’s implementing steel and aluminum tariffs that will put us front and center at the head of a trade war. The rest of the world is mad about it too. It’s nice that John McCain is standing up with the rest of the world against Trump. It’s also mind blowing that a Republican would do something like that. Usually only Democrats stand up and fight for what’s right.

But we welcome McCain to our side during this battle. Hopefully he’ll be able to rally a few more Republicans to stand up against Trump too. But they’re Republicans so probably not…they’re not really known for having a backbone after all. At least one of them decided to fight for the best interests of this country.

Featured Image via Getty Images