Macron Just Left His Fingerprints On Trump’s Hand After Aggressive Shake Payback (VIDEO)


U.S. President Donald Trump went to Canada at the end of this week for the annual G7 summit, and he certainly made his mark in so doing, as he has done in a number of other foreign policy situations since taking office. Before even going to the summit, he set a number of important policy interests off by asserting that Russia should be allowed to rejoin the talks after having been previously pushed out of the group because of aggression in the Crimean peninsula.

While there, he maintained his stance of aggression on trade issues, telling reporters at one point that the United States wouldn’t do business with particular other countries at all if those countries didn’t mold their trade policies to be more to his liking. In the middle of all of this at one point, Trump shook hands with French President Emmanuel Macron, and Macron gripped Trump’s hand so tightly that he left a mark.

Check it out below. The tense handshake continues on with a long tradition established between the two men of tense greetings; their handshakes have routinely gone on far beyond a “normal” length. Macron has explicitly acknowledged this in the past, casting the interactions as a chance for him to refuse to make even the smallest concession to Trump.

Caught on camera at another point were the reactions of Trump’s fellow G7 leaders as he arrived late to a meeting on gender equality, and they don’t exactly look happy. French President Macron, for instance, looks resigned to — but sorely disappointed in — what’s unfolding in front of him.

Check out the video below.

It’s certainly not as though Trump and Macron are buddies to begin with. Trump asserted to reporters while at the G7 summit that relations with other countries are a “10,” but it’s hardly as though the facts of the situation back him up.

The tariffs he recently imposed on allies around the world, for instance, hang heavily over our relations with our allies going forward. Recently, Macron called the tariffs “illegal” and a “mistake,” TIME reports, joining other world leaders in lashing out against them. The European Union, which France is a member of, recently brought a case against Trump’s tariffs at the World Trade Organization, something that other targeted countries like China and India did before.

Thus, Macron seeming to perhaps scowl at Trump as he arrived late for the Saturday meeting on gender equality at the G7 summit in Canada fits into a larger picture of the French president and other world leaders proving to be tired of the antics from the Trump administration. Ironically, Trump’s late arrival to the sit down captured in the above video isn’t even the first instance of tardiness on his part in the context of the G7 summit. He got there hours later than he was supposed to originally and missed a one-on-one meeting he was supposed to have with Macron himself — so Macron has been left out to dry by Trump a lot at this point.

It’s not even as though when it comes to gender equality Trump has a solid record to back him up. He’s known for his sexism, having managed to win the election after a tape came out featuring him bragging about his supposed freedom to commit sexual assault, and in the time since, he has taken concrete steps to undercut gender equality through such means as limiting access to abortions.

Other notable instances of anti-gender equality antics from the Trump administration include its representatives pushing for abstinence in place of sex education during United Nations meetings.

Going forward from here, Trump will be heading to Singapore to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, so we can only hope he doesn’t screw that up as majorly as he’s messed up other things considering the high stakes of the meeting.

Featured Image via LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP/Getty Images