Stormy Daniels Puts On Strip Show That Has Giuliani & Trump Drooling Like Pigs


If there is one word that can describe the administration of Donald Trump since he became president, it would be “polarizing.” With a preview of his divisive policies having already been seen on his campaign trail, marginalizing minority groups and attacking them with common and crude stereotypes, it became evident that Trump was employing the common tactic of divide and conquer. Roughly 18 months into his presidency, the concerns that came with his racially-fueled rhetoric on the campaign trail did not hedge when he assumed office, as he has continued to push the discriminatory policies he spoke about prior to the elections.

Although there are many groups that have been targeted and marginalized by Trump, one of the most outspoken and engaged groups that has relentlessly fought back is that of women in the United States. Not only has the president been accused by dozens of women for sexual harassment in his past, he has apparently maintained his disregard of women by attempting to dismantle many of the rights women have fought for and attained in recent years. Yet, despite these futile efforts, it is clear that the women’s movement has grown stronger than ever.

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One individual that has been at the forefront in the fight against Donald Trump, considering her interactions with him in the past, is that of adult actress Stormy Daniels. The actress has made headlines in recent months, as she battles to reveal some potentially damning truths about the president and his organizations. Recently, as Daniels’s case has been put on hold and the actress undertakes other endeavors, one of her recent performances shed light on how cohesive and supportive the women’s movement inherently is.

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Daniels, currently on a two-stop tour for her performances, made her first appearance at the Silk Exotic Gentleman’s Club, located in Middleton, Wisconsin, where she danced for a crowd packed with supporters inspired by her fight against Donald Trump. According to accounts of attendees, as outlined by an article in the Wisconsin State Journal:

‘”She has given me strength to stand up and talk about things I had been too scared too talk about,” said Stenson, a freelance makeup artist who was granted the intimate introduction after showering Daniels with 100 $1 bills.

“It’s not just me she has helped,” Stenson said. “She has helped millions of women to stand up for themselves. She’s a national hero to so many of us.”‘

Many other members of the audience in Middleton has similar views of the impact that Daniels has had in validating and facilitating the rights of women to speak against any and all injustices. Reports claim that hundreds of people showed up to support and see the famed adult actress, many of whom paid $20 just to get their photos taken with Daniels.

The recent performance has not only catapulted Daniels in her personal profile as a performer, but more so has made her an advocacy icon for woman across the country. This was clear by the fact outlined by the aforementioned Journal article, claiming that:

‘There were as many women as men seated around the raised performance floor throwing money at Daniels as she paraded around to “American Woman” during her first performance; many more crowded close to the floor.’

Considering that such strip performances tend to be overwhelmingly attended by men, the turnout of women to the gentleman’s club truly indicates the impact that Daniels has had thus far, and will continue having as her struggle pushes onward.

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