Trump Just Threatened U.S. Allies Who Oppose His New Tariffs Like A Ruthless Dictator


The president of the United States was once a title that very few people in the nation would ever have a chance at attaining. It used to be a position that was respected, regardless of how seemingly immoral the president’s policies were. Donald Trump has changed all of that. He makes war criminal George W. Bush look like Jimmy Carter. He has also tarnished the office in which he sits.

Trump proved that again Saturday morning during a G7 Summit press conference in Charlevoix, Canada when he threatened America’s allies. Trump said:

“They have no choice. I’ll be honest with you, they have no choice. We’re going to fix that situation. And if it’s not fixed, then we’re not going to deal with these countries.”

“We’re the piggy bank that everybody is robbing, and that ends.”

Trump continued with a direct threat to anyone looking to oppose the tariffs he recently put in place against fellow allies, saying:

“The European Union [EU] is brutal to the United States. And they understand that. They know it. When I’m telling them, they’re smiling at me, like, the gig is up. They can’t believe they got away with it. Canada can’t believe it got away with it. Mexico — we have a $100 billion trade deficit with Mexico, and that doesn’t include all the drugs that are pouring in.”

This isn’t even the first ridiculous thing he said today. He also blamed Obama for Russia’s takeover of Crimea, like a complete moron. As we reported earlier:

“There is literally nothing Trump won’t blame Obama for. Apparently, when a foreign country commits an illegal act, Obama was supposed to stop them, although Trump has also excoriated his predecessor for taking action in places like Libya, insisting that the region was destabilized by the decision to interfere.”

Trump also ranted about fake news when a CNN reporter asked him a question he didn’t like. The reporter asked Trump about the reported rift between he and U.S. allies over the new tariffs. Trump immediately asked the reporter what network he was with. Then the embarrassment came: