Trump & Kim Jong Un Lookalikes Take To the Streets Where Pure Pandemonium Unfolds


This past Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump went to Canada for the annual G7 summit, making his mark with his aggressive policy positions in the process. Next week, he will be going to Singapore for a long anticipated summit with the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un — but before he could leave Canada and the make it there, a perhaps at this point familiar pair of lookalikes dressed to look like Trump and the North Korean leader showed up.

They can be seen in a video below.

Ironically, the pair actually fooled some onlookers, as can be ascertained by their reactions captured in the video above.

The impersonators, Howard X (Kim Jong Un) and Dennis Alan (Trump), actually showed up at majorly watched global events in the past. They were at the recently held Winter Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, where they also attracted a lot of attention.

The sideshow to the meeting between the two actual world leaders is continuing on while the equally theatrical summit itself continues to get closer. Trump at one point announced that the meeting was cancelled before firing it back up again, and now, we are left waiting to see if anything to shift the tide of global affairs will come of it.

Featured Image via Chris McGrath/Getty Images