Angela Merkel Shows Trump Who’s Boss With Fiery Post G-7 Retaliation Announcement


Anyone who knows Donald Trump knows he doesn’t have a lot of common sense. Others can tell within a minute of meeting him that he doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time. His lack of a good education, and the fact that he barely reads, means that he’s going to make huge mistakes doing his job.

Those mistakes so far have included starting a trade war and calling our allies enemies, which is pretty much par for the course for him. Our former allies are fighting back. Today Germany’s Angela Merkel said that the EU simply won’t stand by while Trump imposes crushing tariffs on their union. No, they’re going to fight back in a big way.

She told Germany’s ARD network that,

‘We won’t allow ourselves to be ripped off again and again. We will act too.’

She also talked about Trump’s threat to add even more tariffs on German cars that we import, saying that they would try to stop any new tariffs from being implemented. But if the new tariffs are put in place, then the EU will stand together and implement new tariffs of their own. So it looks like Trump will be getting the trade war he so desperately wants. He doesn’t care how many jobs Americans lose in the process, or how the increase in the prices of the products we buy will affect normal everyday Americans. He just doesn’t care. It’s all part of his Russia First policy.

Trump went up to Canada this weekend and made a total fool of himself. He further ruined the reputation of the United States, and cost us our best allies in the world. His ignorance and bluster will be the undoing of this once great nation. We’re now the laughingstock of the world. Unfortunately our closest allies appear to be Russia, the Philippines, and North Korea. It’s a sad end to our democracy and we’ll never be the same proud country ever again.

Featured Image via Getty Images