Camera Catches Trump Forcing Kiss On Foreign Ambassador Like A Creepy Old Perv (IMAGE)


Donald Trump is not exactly known for his admirable treatment of women. Before even winning the election, a tape came out featuring him bragging about his supposed freedom to commit sexual assault; for some people, the full gravity of what he was saying no doubt didn’t sink in. Others just didn’t care and he won the U.S. presidency anyway.

In the time since, President Trump has hardly established himself as some sort of moral guiding light. He has at almost regular intervals caused the nation and world to be taken aback at instances of abhorrent sexism that his administration has just brushed off.

Now, there’s a new video clip making the rounds that is earning Trump even more scrutiny along those lines. The video clip features Trump greeting U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft upon his apparent arrival in Canada last Friday for the G7 summit of world leaders. In the video, Trump greets Craft by diving in for a kiss in a set-up that can only be described as awkward and worthy of getting as far away from as quickly as possible.

Watch it below.

The testy greeting between Trump and Kraft calls to mind the allegations of a number of women against the man who is now president that first surfaced in the time before he won the election. According to the women, in numerous situations throughout the decades of his career, Trump has used a set-up like that which is seen in the video above to launch into something even more aggressive.

Trump has denied the allegations, but it’s not as though his denials are particularly credible — part of his defense has been that the accusers aren’t even attractive enough to interest him. That itself reinforces the allegations, because it’s another reduction of women to their appearances and what they can do for Donald Trump. The same person who offered that “defense” could easily have done what Donald Trump is accused of.

Issues with Trump’s treatment of women are hardly the only ones to define his time in Canada for the G7 summit last week, which was to be brief.

He went into that summit while maintaining an over the top aggressive public face to his administration, having recently imposed tariffs on our allies around the world because apparently according to Trump, confrontation and not compromise is the way to go when dealing with issues.

Trump has faced unsurprising backlash to the tariffs his administration imposed, but he’s remained resolute anyway.

One of his recent Twitter messages begins:

‘I am heading for Canada and the G-7 for talks that will mostly center on the long time unfair trade practiced against the United States.’

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Besides that issue, Trump also told reporters before he left for Canada Friday that he believed Russia should be included in the G7 talks, throwing yet another stick of dynamite at what should be a routine meeting. (Russia was kicked out of what was originally the G8 group of world leaders because of their aggression in the Crimean peninsula.)

All of the various threads of developments fit together into the broader modus operandi of the Trump administration, which consists of doing what Trump wants no matter the consequences.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images