Michael Avenatti Breaks Twitter With Instantly Viral Weekend Assignment For America (TWEET)


Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was in Israel for a business conference recently, and while there, he would have done better to keep his mouth shut. He went after an array of interests, including adult film star Stormy Daniels, who had an affair with Donald Trump and after being paid hush money by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen covering that affair is now suing to be free from the associated nondisclosure agreement.

Giuliani sought while in Israel to discredit Daniels, going so far as to say that he even respects criminals but doesn’t respect someone who works in the adult film industry like Daniels. Her lawyer Michael Avenatti has now come out with a response to that talk from the former New York City mayor, inviting anyone with evidence of Giuliani viewing pornography in any form to come to him and let him bring that evidence to the world while keeping the source tho

While appearing on MSNBC last week, Avenatti began by commenting:

‘You know, when Donald Trump was trying to get in the pants of my client, he didn’t tell my client that he disrespected her, or that she wasn’t credible or she wasn’t intelligent. When Mr. Trump was trying to get in the pants of Ms. McDougal, he didn’t tell her that he disrespected her, that she wasn’t intelligent or that she wasn’t entitled to credibility. The hypocrisy here is unbelievable.’

Karen McDougal is another woman whose affair with Trump has recently came to occupy a rather prominent position in the national political conversation. She is a former Playboy model, and, unlike Daniels, has successfully been formally freed from an agreement she signed (not with Cohen) buying her silence.

Avenatti continued:

‘I’d like to know the last time Mr. Giuliani viewed pornography. Something tells me it wasn’t years or decades ago. So if there’s anyone in the United States that could help me answer that question, please provide that information to me because I’d like to make it known.’

Check out video of Avenatti relaying that message to the world on MSNBC below.

He actually made a similar appeal on Twitter.

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Avenatti is certainly tapping into a very real hypocrisy at play here, since it’s hardly as though Trump and his closest confidantes are some sort of moral guiding lights for us all to follow after.

Outside of the issue of the affair Trump had with Daniels, he has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women, and it’s not as though Trump has done much to ease the nation’s conscience in the time since those allegations came to light. He’s continued on unapologetically with his sexism and otherwise repugnant behavior — so Giuliani going after Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, for happening to work in the adult film industry is definitely hypocritical at best.

From here, the United States and world will no doubt continue to be subjected to deeply repugnant behavior from the president and his closest allies. At the same time, the legal battle between Daniels and her team and the president’s team is also continuing.

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