Trump Wakes Up In Singapore & Rage Tweets 4 Times Like A Lunatic On Experiment Drugs


Trump’s disastrous performance at the G7 Summit does not bode well for his upcoming talks with a murderous foreign dictator, but it seems he’s hoping he’ll get along better with murderous dictators than friends of the U.S. Frighteningly enough, should Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong un go very badly, our friends are a lot less likely now to come to our aid than they have before.

Despite numerous aides and researchers explaining repeatedly to Trump that we do not have and have never had a trade deficit with Canada, Trump just keeps pushing the lie, just as he did when he insulted Mexico repeatedly throughout the presidential campaign and swore that they’d pay for a stupid and unnecessary border wall. Now he’s not only insulted our closest neighbors and allies, he’s going after friends overseas.

Both French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have pushed back on Trump’s rants about trade and his utter lack of diplomatic skills. After showing off his ability to act like a complete ass in one foreign country, he’s now off to participate in an extremely delicate meeting with Kim Jong un, a man with absolute control over nuclear weapons that could easily harm us as well as those very same allies Trump is so determined to alienate.

No one should feel comfortable with this meeting, and no one should believe what either of these two men promise one another or report back to their citizens afterward.

Twitter was also not buying Trump’s rantings. See some of their comments below.

Featured image via Getty/Leon Neal