Kim Jong Un Brings Portable Toilet On Trip & The Reason Will Make You Want To Hurl


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been a god to the starving people of this poor nation. His government has piped propaganda words directly into their homes at all hours. Now, one of the dictator’s lies has been busted wide open.

China arranged for one of its planes to ferry Kim Jong Un to the weekend meeting for talks with Donald Trump in Singapore. Unfortunately, the U.S. president has already given up major points in this transaction.

The idea that the little nation’s leader would stand on equal grounds with a president of these United States has kept other presidents from meeting with Un. Trump did not seem to notice that his art of the deal was losing before it ever got off of the ground.

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According to the Korean Central News Agency and Korean Central Television, Jong Un left Pyongyang on a Chinese charted jet. They indicated that the North Korean leader greeted those who came to see him off on this adventure, but other news outlets told a different story.

They said that Kim Jong Un left secretly in a bulletproof limousine, using two decoy planes. He should. The North Korean leader killed his own half-brother and uncle after assuming office, so he has had no illusions about his own need for security.

Equally interesting, one of the planes carried  a portable toilet, according to Fox News. What made this noteworthy was since that North Koreans believe he is a god, part of that myth involves the idea that he never has to go to the bathroom.

It must be difficult to be a god. Jong Un has never released information about his health either. A North Korean defector and former member of the Guard Command unit, Lee Yun-keol told The Washington Post.

‘Rather than using a public restroom, the leader of North Korea has a personal toilet that follows him around when he travels. The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind.’

The country’s ruling Workers’ Party paper, Rodong Sinmum, showed 16 color photos showing Jong Un boarding the plane with the Chinese national flag appearing in the shots. It seems, Pyongyang’s news organs rarely show a chartered foreign plane.

Professor at Seoul (South Korea) University of North Korean Studies, Yang Moo-jin told The Yon Hap News:

‘Kim who is known as a reasonable leader may have accepted his advisers’ recommendations to prioritize safety, in addition, the charter of a Chinese airplane may have an effect of publicizing China’s active support and cooperation to the North Korean people ahead of summit talks with the U.S.’

The reason for that has been North Korea’s ideal of “the Juche (self-reliance).” Government slogans reinforce this concept.

Screen-Shot-2018-06-11-at-10.22.42-AM Kim Jong Un Brings Portable Toilet On Trip & The Reason Will Make You Want To Hurl Donald Trump Foreign Policy Politics Top Stories

It was possible that Jong Un decided to put practical interests above his “loss of face and self-esteem.” Another possibility was that Pyongyang showed the Chinese charter as evidence of a “close bilateral relationship.”

China has been reluctant to slow down its energy and food support for its little neighbor to the south. The Chinese dread the idea of millions of hungry immigrants storming their border.

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has also charted the Boeing 747-4J6 plan for his overseas trips.

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