Trump & Kim Jong Un Greet With Highly Awkward Handshake; Donald Won’t Stop Touching


Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un just shared a historic handshake upon meeting each other, and the awkwardness only gets worse from there. This meeting is unlike anything the U.S. has seen, as past American and North Korean leaders have not had a relationship, and have even ended up going to war.

There is a clear language barrier with Kim speaking only Korean, while Trump struggles to speak English. This barrier can and already has created some awkward moments caught on camera, including the moment the leaders first met.

Kim, seemingly uninterested barely even made eye contact with Trump.

The two men stood face-to-face, trying to pretend they are enjoying the encounter, smiling for cameras while obviously and uncomfortably shifting in their chairs. Trump taps his fingers together while sitting in his normal position, in his eyes can be seen a desperation to be done with the meeting to he can find a good golf course.

A couple days ago, Trump said about how the meeting might go:

“Just my touch, my feel. That’s what I do.”

Then, this morning, Trump tweeted about the upcoming meeting:

Kim, obviously paying attention to trump’s remarks about the meeting, doesn’t seem too pleased to be meeting with the American president. The contention was painted all over his face.

Dennis Rodman is also attending the meeting. Video of him arriving at the airport is below: