Trump Just Made A Disturbing Joke About A Nuclear Reality Show Like An Opportunist


Dennis Rodman, Donald Trump, and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un meet in China. It sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke. Unfortunately, it was quite true. This is what happened next.

Rodman walking down the hall is the reality show that has become the United States’ foreign policy with one of the cruelest leaders in the world — Kim Jong Un. Trump insulted our longtime allies at the G7 Summit in Canada before getting onto Air Force One and heading to China for a summit of a bizarrely different sort.

This may just be a big publicity stunt. All Trump has to do is shake hands with Jong Un then head home to claim his Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, claiming and receiving are two completely different things.

No president before 45 gave the North Korean dictator the satisfaction of meeting with him. That has been the plum that Jong Un’s family has wanted for 70 years.

Meeting one-on-one meant showing the dictator of the starving country, a man who tortures his own people, what he most wanted – equality. It was a major diplomatic tool.

Trump just tossed that away, and the great deal-maker got nothing in return. The American president did not even bother to prepare. Instead, he planned on winging it.

Rodman tweeted as people around the world’s jaws dropped “Exited to be part of it:”

‘”Excited to be part of it:” Former NBA star Dennis Rodman arrives in Singapore ahead summit between Trump-Kim  Follow our live updates: 

People have laughed at Trump in the past, but this was no laughing matter. We are talking about a dictator with the ability to wipe out the world’s population with a nuclear weapon. Now, the time has come to get serious — very serious.

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