BREAKING: The Senate Just Blocked Trump With Bold Chinese Spy Company Measure


The Chinese government gave a half-billion dollar loan to an Indonesian theme park, and then Donald Trump did something very unwise. Apparently, he was so worried about China’s government-owned telecom business, ZTE, he said he would lift the U.S.’s ban against it. Now, why would POTUS do that?

Our country discovered that ZTE was manufacturing and selling spyware and parts. That allowed phones sold in the USA and to our enemies to capture conversations from our military, our government, and our citizens.

Naturally, our nation was not happy about that situation. In fact, the government was so disturbed it forbade ZTE from selling anything to us for seven long years.

The man sitting in the Oval Office said that the huge Chinese loan to a theme park with Trump hotels and golf courses had nothing to do with him lifting that ban. It was simply a coincidence. Our 45th president just wanted to help China save its own jobs.

Fortunately, the Senate voted and pass legislation that blocked Trump from letting ZTE do business in the USA. Senators agreed to an amendment attacked to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was the huge annual defense bill.

The amendment will, according to Newsweek:

‘Restore penalties on ZTE for violating export controls and bar U.S. government agencies from purchasing or leasing equipment or services from the Chinese company.’

In a bipartisan move, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) introduced the the controversial amendment.

Now, the NDAA has to be reconciled to the House’s version of the bill. Then, the Senate and the House will vote again before sending it to the White House. Hopefully, Trump will sign the bill, or the measure will have an unbreakable veto-proof margin of votes.


Featured Image via Getty Images.