Details Of Trump’s Singapore Meeting Remain Cloudy As America Seemingly Got The Shaft


After one of the most historic foreign policy events in recent history, and definitely the most notable thus far for the Trump administration, there has been little attention paid to the details of the Singapore meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. Between the media’s echoing of Trump’s optimistic remarks following the meeting, people fawning over the sheer magnitude of the event, and NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman crying on a live CNN broadcast, little attention has been paid to the details of the summit itself. Rather, with some believing an agreement is inevitable, and others suspicious to what this first step inherently means, there has been much confusion among the general public as to what actually occurred during the historic meeting.

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First and foremost, it is crucial to note that no definitive agreement was signed during the summit itself. Instead, the two sides simply drafted a list of agreed upon provisions that both North Korea and the United States found acceptable. Perhaps the most important of these factors included claims by North Korea that they would take steps towards denuclearizing their state, a key issue that has been a point of contention between Pyongyang and the international community. According to a CBS News article:

‘President Trump declared success after a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that resulted in an understanding that Pyongyang would work toward denuclearization and the U.S. would end joint military exercises with South Korea. Mr. Trump and Kim signed a document agreeing to a handful of key provisions.

‘But the future remains unclear — the U.S. and North Korea did not reach any agreement on the details of how to achieve or verify that denuclearization, Mr. Trump said.’

Essentially, the list of provisions acted as a letter of intent, or proposed promises by each side, of actions that will be taken to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. There has been little information about what specific steps North Korea would take in order to fulfill their promises of denuclearization, with President Trump claiming that there will be an ongoing verification of Pyongyang’s nuclear activities once a more definitive deal is signed. Trump also claimed that sanctions will remain in place until the denuclearization process is set in motion.

Following the meeting between Trump and Kim, many officials and experts remained hopeful, yet skeptical. Among these included former Vice President Joe Biden, who lauded the efforts at de-escalating the ongoing feud between North Korea and the international community, but criticized the administration’s lack of providing details regarding what actually took place during the meeting. Biden reiterated that jumping to conclusions that diplomacy and peace had finally arrived, it would first be vital to ensure and verify that Pyongyang was living up to their end of the bargain.

As people around the world continue to focus their attention on the occurrence of the summit itself, rather than the critical steps that will come moving forward, it is crucial not to get caught up in an agreement that could very well crumble quite easily. Although Kim Jong Un has given off the perception of a desire for diplomacy, one need only be reminded of the 1938 Munich Agreement that lauded Adolf Hitler’s apparent change of heart, that is, until 9 months later when World War II broke out.

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