Ex CIA Director Responds To Seeing North Korea’s Flag Next To America’s & It’s Boss AF


Not all people are looking at Monday evening’s historic meeting between Mr. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as an accomplishment. Many people have been perplexed by the whole event while 61 percent of Republicans feel that Trump’s tough stance is what brought North Korea to the table, and only 16 percent of Democrats agreed.

On Monday night, Ex-CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash ripped the Singapore summit between Mr. Trump and Kim Jong Un. Bash told MSNBC’s Brian Williams:

‘A summit is not an accomplishment for the American president.’

Bash went on to say:

‘It is a major accomplishment for Kim Jong Un. In fact, the spectacle of seeing the American flags along with the [North Korean] flags as the backdrop for that handshake is really jarring actually to see, to witness. In fact, I would say it’s somewhat disgusting. It is actually a debasement of the American flag.’

He continued saying:

‘This is a despotic regime that murders its own citizens. And so we’re putting him on the same stage as the American president. Now, hopefully, it will serve a larger purpose. Which is to ensure security for American interests and our allies on the peninsula.’

Monday’s summit was the first time a U.S. president has ever sat down with a North Korean leader. Before heading off to meet with Kim, Trump said:

‘It’s going to be a great discussion and, I think, tremendous success.’

Jong Un’s regime is known for its horrific human rights abuses, which sadly now hits home as the Trump administration’s actions surrounding detaining immigrant families and children have been heinous.

Last year, U.S. student Otto Warmbier died after being detained in a North Korean prison for 17 months. According to The Washington Post, Trump reached out to Otto Warmbier’s family offering support in the weeks leading up to the North Korea summit.

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

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