Trump Whines About Kim Meeting In Confusing Late-Night Rant Like A Weird Druggie


Donald Trump isn’t known for being particularly well spoken…or intelligent, for that matter. In actuality, he should really be embarrassed by his lack of understanding of the English language. Because of that, what he tweeted today has some people confused. He claimed that last year people were begging him to meet North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, so we didn’t have to go to war with them. Now that he’s actually met with the man, Trump is claiming that talking heads and pundits say he shouldn’t have done it. Wait…what?

He must be referring to what happened after President Obama said that he would be willing to meet with Kim. The right hit the roof and started talking about impeachment and talking heads on conservative news sites had a field day discussing how Obama should be tried for treason for suggesting something like that. Remember all the “America doesn’t cut deals with terrorists or dictators” talk they were spouting off?

Donald Trump trying to blow the fruit off of his plate.

As for Trump’s assertion that people were begging “please don’t meet, don’t go to war”. Well no one in their right mind actually thought that we were going to go to war with North Korea — especially Kim Jong Un. He knows his country wouldn’t last 15 minutes if they started a war with us. But apparently Trump thought there might be a war. If so it would have been one that he started by running his big mouth.

Another point with his tweet–talking heads and pundits are really glad that our two countries are talking, especially if it means that there will be denuclearization in the Korean peninsula. Heck some liberal journalists have even said that if Trump could pull it off they wouldn’t even care if he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump looks lost. Donald when you’re facing that way, the steps take you downwards. (Photo credit SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

As usual Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is just blowing hot air to see what he can stir up. On a side note, Trump’s tweet shows his lack of mastery in the English language. He says “Now that we meet and have a great relationship”. I think he meant to say “Now that we’ve met and have a great relationship”.

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