BREAKING: GOP Staff Put Under Immediate Investigation By Justice Department


After a fake news report began circulating about deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein began to circulate thanks to Fox News and their sycophant coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian government operatives, a real news story proves that the House Intelligence Committee may really find itself in deep and troubled waters.

CNN reports:

‘Rosenstein has butted heads with House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes for months over a subpoena for documents related to the Russia investigation, but the battle spilled out into public view Tuesday after Fox News reported staff on the committee felt “personally attacked” at a meeting with Rosenstein in January.
‘Justice Department officials dispute the recounting of the closed-door meeting detailed in the story, and Rosenstein now plans to “request that the House general counsel conduct an internal investigation of these Congressional staffers’ conduct” when he returns from a foreign trip this week, a Justice Department official said.’

Fox News was exposed for their fake reporting in the Russia investigation after they told their viewers that Rosenstein threatened to subpoena House Intelligence Committee members during a recent meeting for prematurely ending their investigation into the Russia probe.

The network that has become little more than a state-run media outlet insisted that this is evidence of obstruction of justice by Rosenstein and that the threat was made to achieve a goal: to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump and help get him impeached.

The truth is that Rosenstein told committee members and their staff that if they made good on their threats to charge him with contempt, he would be able to defend himself in court and that they could be subpoenaed by a judge to prove their claims, which is absolutely true.

Now, the staffers who continue to make these false claims should and will be investigated.

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla