Comey Just Responded To The IG Report And It’s Sure To Bunch Trump’s Undies


The U.S. Justice Department’s internal watchdog just released their report today about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton’s email probe. The probe which helped former mail-order steak salesman, and failed game show host, Donald Trump, win his seat in the White House. While the majority of the people think that Comey was wrong to announce that the FBI was reopening the Clinton email investigation, Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report does not appear to support criminal charges for James Comey, Hillary Clinton or Andrew McCabe.

James Comey used Trump’s favorite form of communication to get his views out there for the public to see.

It’s certain that Trump was hoping the report would show all kinds of wrongdoing on the part of Comey and McCabe, so he could bring charges against them. But it doesn’t appear that that will be the case. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s lawyer released a statement about the report, saying that it exonerates McCabe of improper influence or bias, but it erroneously blames him for a delay in the handling of the emails.

Trump will most likely be steamed that Comey doesn’t seem bothered by the report. In fact, Comey seems glad that the report was finally released, and that must have Trump steaming from the ears. Trump has had it out for Comey since he refused to swear fealty to him. In Trump’s mind he probably thinks that every single person in the government should do whatever he says, whether it’s right or wrong. Well a bunch of good folks have refused to play Trump’s game, and that must infuriate him.

Trump said on live TV that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. Today Trump was hoping that the IG’s report would show that he had good reason to fire Comey, but the report really doesn’t do that. So we’ll just stick with Trump’s first take on the subject and know that he fired Comey as a way to stop those who are investigating his alleged collusion with a foreign power to steal the presidency.

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