Hillary Clinton Mocks James Comey On Twitter After Inspector General Report Emerges


On Thursday, the inspector general at the U.S. Justice Department released a massive report outlining conclusions about behavior inside the department, including at the FBI as led by the now fired James Comey, in regards to the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

In that report, it was revealed that former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by President Donald Trump last year, had at times used a private email account for official business.

Although not the precise same thing that Clinton was attacked for endlessly over recent years, it’s pretty close. (She had her own whole private email server.)

She responded to the development with a simple Twitter post on Thursday, writing:

‘But my emails.’

She wrote that in response to a Twitter post from journalist Kyle Cheney about the revelation of Comey’s private email use.

Clinton’s above tweet didn’t spring out of a void. To say that she has faced criticism over her own usage of a private email server would be an understatement. The scandal, blown up majorly by Republicans, could be said to be the defining low point of her time in the public eye associated with her run for president in 2016. Donald Trump brought it up on the campaign trail time and time again, exploiting his followers’ possible lack of knowledge about the actual ramifications of her actions and turning it into fury.

Late in the game during the lead up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election itself, then-FBI Director James Comey chose to — after the scandal had for a few months or so been slowly receding from the public conversation — inject new life into the whole thing through a particular letter he sent to Congress. In that letter, he revealed that new information possibly relevant to the Clinton email investigation had been uncovered, and that letter was quickly blown up into the story of the Clinton email investigation having been “reopened” — just a short time before a major presidential election. Nothing came of that information.

As we all know, Clinton lost. She didn’t lose by a landslide; she is not currently the U.S. president because Trump finished with slim leading margins in a handful of key states, giving him a lead in the electoral college. She even managed to finish with a lead in the nationwide popular vote total — but it wasn’t enough.

In the wake of her loss, although yes he has done some positive things for the left through standing up to Trump, many — Clinton included — blamed Comey’s aforementioned late 2016 letter for contributing to her loss. A simple tweet from the would-be president is no doubt close to the absolute least response she’s entitled to.

Trump, ironically, hasn’t even responded to the release of the report on Twitter as of Thursday evening, although he has, as mentioned, many times in the past brought up the Clinton email issue. At one point recently, he complained that the report wasn’t released yet, suggesting that it was perhaps being softened — since apparently whenever something doesn’t go exactly according to Trump’s liking it’s a part of some grand government conspiracy.

It might not have been an actual, intentional conspiracy, but the mess represented by the revelation of James Comey having used private email while on the job certainly contributed to Clinton’s loss, unlike the fake conspiracies Trump makes up.

Check out Twitter’s response to her below.

Featured Image via Don Arnold/ Getty Images