Ivanka Tweets Hilarious Distraction As News Breaks About Criminal Lawsuit She’s Named In


Some very bad news hit the Trump camp Thursday morning as a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by NY Attorney General Barbara Underwood named Ivanka, Eric, Junior, and big daddy Don himself. The suit claims that the president of the United States has been using his non-profit charity to decorate his golf clubs and pay off his debts, among other things.

Today also happens to be Donald’s 72 birthday.┬áIn true Trump fashion. Ivanka took to Twitter to pull off the usual distraction move.

So, naturally, as most people do on their father’s birthday, Ivanka tweeted at her dad with one of the handful of pictures she has of the two together when she was a child:

She must have lost his cell number.

The desperation of this family is palpable. Every single move they make is strategic, and unfortunately, it works on 40 percent of the nation’s uneducated masses. This only fuels their brazen actions that would give any other human on earth a big dose of shame.

Twitter users agreed, for the most part, and Ivanka got an eyeful on her response thread. We saved the best reactions below: