Trump Gloats During Thursday AM Pat On The Back Tweet Like An Embarrassment


Donald Trump, who has effectively destroyed every principle the Republican party ever claimed to stand for, believes himself to be the savior of the GOP who is ushering in a new era of popularity. Riding on the coattails of President Obama, Trump claims victory no matter how small his own contributions to the improved economy while giving tax cuts to the wealthy, which has proven to do little over time other than widen the wage gap and harm the U.S. economy.

The truth is that, in modern times, the country’s economy has always done better than Democrats. Trump doesn’t have to trust the “fake news media” in order to believe that this is true. There was an authority on the subject at one time that Trump trusts above all others who said so.

Trump will continue to insist that his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong un saved the world and that his policy accomplishments rescued the economy, but only time will tell if North Korea will hold to their end of the bargain, America’s reputation as a global supporter of human rights will continue to erode, and his economic policies will fall just as they have under trickle-down economics just as it has for every modern Republican president.

And Trump will call it “fake news.”

Twitter was also not impressed with Trump’s bragging. See some of their responses below:

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla