Joe Kennedy III Calls Out Trump For Separating Families – His Speech Will Make You Cry


No matter how Trump’s people try to spin their policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and forcing them into cages alone with Bible quotes or by blaming Democrats, the policy is disgusting, inhumane, and could be stopped today without a single Congressional vote on immigration policy.

Democratic Senator Joe Kennedy III gave a speech on the floor of Congress on Friday that called out Republicans for this deplorable policy.

Trump won’t run for office again until 2020, but some of his party members will face tough criticism thanks to the cruel policies of the Trump administration.

The party that once declared itself the defender of “family values” has stood idly by defending a president who violates every legal and Constitutional norm to push his political agenda no matter how painful and harmful it is to immigrant children and their families. Trump’s press secretary took some serious heat for her refusal to condemn the policy at Thursday’s press briefing.

Sanders isn’t the only one facing criticism, however. ABC News explains that:

‘Separating children from parents has come under intense scrutiny from both sides of the aisle and seems to be the result of the Justice Department’s new policy to criminally detain and prosecute 100 percent of people apprehended at the border, even those seeking asylum. The administration has claimed minors cannot be housed with parents in criminal holding facilities, but officials have also said the tough practice might deter people from crossing.’

Featured image via Getty/Leigh Vogel