Trump Confronted For Separating Familes At Border & What He Said Will Make You Sick


There is nothing more despicable than using children as pawns in a political game, but the president and his team are doing just that and deflecting the blame onto Democrats. Trump explained exactly why it’s the Democratic party’s fault to reporters on the White House lawn and it was absolutely disgusting.

Trump and his spokespeople have repeated their claims despite all the evidence to the contrary that the law requires children to be separated from their parents at the border although no such law exists and Trump’s own attorney general stated clearly that the practice is being used to deter illegal border crossings.

For the record, the immigrants being detained and separated from their children are not crossing illegally. They’re asylum-seekers who follow the law by reporting immediately to border agents to seek help and protection.

Trump’s statements to the media on Friday morning will be analyzed and debated throughout the day, but the takeaway from those comments is clear: Trump will not act to stop his administration’s policy of separating families and holding children in detention camps because Democrats won’t agree to end the immigration policies Trump wants changed.

These children are being held in deplorable conditions and have reported physical and sexual abuse because Trump hasn’t been given his way. There is truly nothing more disgusting than that.

To hear all of Trump’s Friday morning lies to the press about everything from border security to his meeting with Kim Jong un, see video below.

Featured image via YouTube