Trump Gets Into Heated Argument With Macron & Instantly Delivers Childish Low Blow


U.S. President Donald Trump continues to enact his flippantly pieced together agenda on the world at large. His foreign policy is one in which a United States with him at the helm, of course, is at the center no matter what the cost. This whole business of being president seems like an elaborate game to him where the relevance of other interests doesn’t extend beyond their places as pieces on his game board.

France, a long-time ally of the U.S., is one of the interests Trump has targeted. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that at the recently held G7 summit of world leaders in Canada, Trump went so far as to mock French President Emmanuel Macron to his face over his country’s struggles with terrorism.

According to the report, during a discussion about Iran and terrorism, Trump remarked:

‘You must know about this, Emmanuel, because all the terrorists are in Paris.’

How did we get to the point where we have a president of the United States saying that “all the terrorists are in Paris”? In Trump world, weren’t all of the terrorists just in Muslim countries?

To be sure, the countries in question that were targeted by the Trump administration with repeated attempts at travel bans aren’t countries where terrorists who have threatened the United States actually came from. Those countries, like Saudi Arabia, got a pass. Even still, against all logic, the Trump administration insisted that the inhabitants of certain countries pose grave threats to the United States, and now, apparently — at least behind the scenes — France has been added to that list.

France’s recent history includes the infamous string of attacks that rocked Paris in late 2015 leaving well over 100 people dead. That was an Islamic State operation carried out by a diverse group of operatives, a number of whom ended the night dead via suicide bombs.

Trump’s reported comments at the G7 summit aren’t the first in which he has derided France over the incident. While speaking at the National Rifle Association recently, Trump insisted that if victims of the 2015 Paris attacks had been armed, the death toll would have been smaller — because apparently, in the fantasy world Trump lives in, a “good guy with a gun” is enough to stop a global terrorist conspiracy.

Those comments earned Trump criticism from the French government itself. The French foreign ministry expressed “firm disapproval of the comments by President Trump about the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris and asks for respect for the memory of the victims.”

The French government — alongside other governments — has also recently called Trump out for the tariffs he recently imposed on nations allied with the U.S. around the world, which was another issue that defined the U.S. president’s time at the G7 summit.

The European Union and Canada — our allies — have both pledged to impose retaliatory tariffs. The original U.S. tariffs are cast by the Trump administration as a boost for American farmers and industry, but in reality — in this area and the area of more direct foreign policy — Trump’s got no idea what he’s doing.

Featured Image via LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP/Getty Images