Trump Makes Human Rights Council Announcement – United Nations In Utter Disbelief


Since taking office, President Donald Trump has shown the world not only his lack of knowledge surrounding the field of foreign policy, but more importantly his disregard of basic international guidelines.

From pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords early in his administration to damaging relationships with key NATO allies by either disrespecting or criticizing world leaders, it seems as if there is little rhyme or reason to his tactics on the global stage. As feuds have grown due to the administration’s inability to implement diplomatic measures with key allies around the world, one of the more troubling issues is President Trump’s continuous attempts to turn a blind eye to Israel’s actions towards the Palestinians, especially in regards to human rights abuses.

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The matter became even more troubling recently as reports emerged claiming that the United States would be taking an extreme measure to protect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s evidently aggressive regime. In doing so, information has emerged claiming that the United States is on the cusp of removing themselves from the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, as US officials believe there to be an anti-Israeli bias being pushed by the Council. According to a report by Reuters:

‘Talks with the United States over how to reform the main U.N. rights body have failed to meet Washington’s demands, activists and diplomats say, suggesting that the Trump administration will quit the Geneva forum whose session opens on Monday.

‘A U.S. source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters the withdrawal appeared to be “imminent” but had no details. Diplomatic sources said it was not a question of if but of when the United States retreats from the Human Rights Council, which is holding a three-week session through July 6’

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One of the foremost issues U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has discussed is an apparent bias against Israel, as she believes the Council to be unfairly targeting the country while disregarding others. Most recently, the United States, along with Australia, were the only two countries to have voted against an investigation into Israel’s use of excessive force in Gaza, while other member countries voted in favor of it.

Haley believes that the council is forgoing the human rights abuses of countries such as Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, and others, and unfairly focusing on Israel. Although it is true that the aforementioned countries do have a longstanding and continuous record of human rights violations, it cannot be discounted that Israeli retaliation against Palestinians in Gaza has been overly-excessive, and in many cases outright brutal.

The U.S. only recently rejoined the Human Rights Council under the former Obama administration, after having boycotted it under the Bush administration for roughly three years.

While Haley and the Trump administration continue to push the narrative that the council holds an anti-Israel bias, the fact remains that this cannot be a hindering factor for the US to remain in the crucial Geneva forum. Pulling out of yet another international obligation will not only be detrimental for the United States itself, but more importantly the need to uphold human rights responsibilities for violating countries around the world.

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