Robert Mueller Subpoena Announcement Released & Donald Is Going To Freak Out


No matter how many times Donald Trump screams “NO COLLUSION!” on Twitter, evidence of collusion just keeps piling up. So far, it seems that people he hired as part of his campaign team were definitely up to shady deals that they kept secret and lied about to the FBI, not the least of whom was Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Facing numerous charges and the revocation of his bail, meaning that he will sit in jail while he awaits trial, Manafort now faces the possibility that 75 more people will be called to testify against him regarding his criminal charges. Manafort was indicted in October and has been charged with conspiracy against the United States along with various other crimes, including lying to the FBI.

Courthouse News reports that:

‘The last round of preparations for the fast-approaching trial in Virginia appear to be underway; on Tuesday, Judge T.S. Ellis III agreed to reschedule the trial date from July 24 to July 25.

‘The request was made in light of conflicting schedules Manafort has with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia where he will also stand trial in September.

‘Specific details about the nature of the subpoenas or who they will be sent to is unknown.’

Manafort’s troubles grew this week when it was revealed that he attempted to interfere with witnesses, adding a criminal charge of obstruction of justice to a growing list of legal woes.

USA Today reported that:

‘A team of prosecutors working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller allege in court papers that Manafort and one of his associates “repeatedly” contacted two witnesses in an effort to influence their testimony. The contacts occurred while Manafort was under house arrest, the FBI wrote in one court filing.

‘The two witnesses are not named in court filings. But prosecutors say they worked with Manafort in organizing a group of former European officials who lobbied within the U.S. without registering.’

Manafort’s legal troubles seem to be just beginning.

Featured image via Getty/Alex Wong