Audio Of Migrant Children Held In Detention Centers Released – This Is Heartbreaking


The Trump administration can continue to insist that they are treating the children separated from their families at the border well and that reports of neglect and mistreatment are nothing more than the media and Democrats twisting the facts to suit their agenda, but audio of these children recorded inside one of the detention centers cannot be denied.

Of course, Trump’s team only says they’re treating these children well when they’re not denying that they’re separating the families, denying that they’re using the abuse of these children as leverage to force their preferred (and deplorable) immigration policies to be enforced, and that this isn’t a new policy at all. However, members of that same team have said in public interviews that all of those things are happening and that they “will not apologize” for it.

Reports from parents and children who have been separated and detained in this manner are harrowing. Some of the parents have reported that they were told their children were being taken for “a bath” and never came back. Some of the children have reported emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Law students who reviewed reports from the children held in detention centers that were later released by the ACLU.

‘The students reviewing these records were shocked by the abuse and neglect these children were subjected to at the hands of U.S. officials. The fact that these children were already so vulnerable — most traveling alone in hopes of escaping violence and poverty in their home countries — made the unlawful and inhumane actions reflected in the documents even more distressing.’

Full audio of children in these detention centers being mocked by a border agent can be heard below. Warning: this is incredibly painful to hear.