Another Top Official Announces Resignation As Trump Loses Grip On Reality, Tortures Kids


On the campaign trail, then-candidate Donald Trump made a great many lofty promises to his supporters, as he practically did and said anything in order to get himself elected. From outlandish economic assurances for the suffering lower and middle classes to using anti-immigrant rhetoric to rile up his base, the unorthodox and discriminatory tactics that many believed would hand Hillary Clinton an easy victory, ultimately proved successful.

One promise that President Trump made time and time again was to use his entrepreneurial skill sets to hire the most capable people to work in his administration. Given his lack of any political experience, one of the main criticisms against Trump was whether he would be capable of running the office of president without any prior knowledge of public policy or lawmaking. However, he ensured both his supporters and opponents that the absence of experience would not be an issue, as he would hire the “best people” to fulfill his many campaign promises. Despite such promises, 18 months into his presidency and it is clear that not only has he been unable to hire the best people, but more so that those he does hire don’t stay in their posts for long.

Trump’s unprecedented turnover rate continues to grow, day by day, with recent reports now indicating yet another White House official looking to leave his post. The individual in question, White House adviser Joe Hagin, recently expressed his intention to resign from the administration, and head towards work in the private sector instead.

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According to a report by POLITICO:

‘White House deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin is stepping down, leaving behind another hole in the senior ranks of the West Wing.

Hagin, who also served in the Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations, is expected to depart next month.

Hagin, who played a central role in planning Trump’s summit in Singapore last week with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, is one of the most experienced aides in a White House that has often had trouble attracting top-tier political operatives.’

Despite claiming that his desire to resign is in order to pursue aspirations in the private sector, one cannot help but find it coincidental that Hagin, having served each of the last three Republican administrations, would just so happen to make this decision now. As has been the case with a majority of top-ranked officials in the Trump administration, Hagin’s departure may very well be another signal of the impossibilities of working with President Trump.

The Brookings Institute measured Donald Trump’s turnover rate at 51 percent in January of this year, as some more recent reports find that the number has climbed to 60 percent in the last six months. Not only is this record-setting number an issue in being able to find stability within the White House and the administration, but, more concerning, it depicts a scramble to get out among top officials.

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Hagin’s departure is especially troubling, considering he was one of the few rational and logical voices in the president’s ear, a voice that Trump clearly needs. With Hagin and others like him leaving in hordes, it has left the door wide open for Trump to bring in more of his brand of extremist right-wing individuals to carry out his divisive agenda.

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