John McCain Makes Last-Ditch Effort To Stop Trump From Separating Kids At Border


John McCain has been an American hero for decades, and while his conservative views may be a bit questionable at times, he has always striven to do the right thing for the people of America. McCain has been a staunch opponent of the Trump administration from the beginning, and a total thorn in the president’s side. Trump has lashed out several times over statements or votes McCain has made, even attacking his service to this country.

The tumultuous relationship has carried over into 2018. John McCain is now at his Arizona home to live the remainder of his days with his family while continuing to fight brain cancer. McCain’s Glioblastoma is the most aggressive form of brain cancer, with symptoms often including personality changes, unconsciousness, and death.

He’s not letting that stop him, however, as he has seemingly vowed to raise as much hell for Trump as he can. Check out what McCain said Monday about Trump’s new gestapo policy of ripping children away from their asylum-seeking parents at the border.

McCain is right. Trump has gone too far. The White House even admitted to using immigrant children as a bargaining tool to get Democrats to go along with whatever disgusting immigration policies they are trying to pass.

One thing is for certain. No one is buying this “blame the Democrats” spiel when Democrats have spoken out against the Trump policy from day one.

Twitter users weren’t too pleased with the act of torture taking place on American soil either. Check out the way they reacted to McCain’s tweet below: